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 Since 2002

Texas Belles, a professional event planning organization at the University of Texas at Austin, was established in 2002 by a group of women with a passion for event planning. The organization was originally called Texas Wedding Belles for college students who were interested in the wedding industry. As members of our organization became more interested in the hospitality industry as a whole, Texas Wedding Belles was renamed Texas Belles.


To be a Belle is to plan events, gain exposure to professional opportunities, partake in service opportunities, and bond with fellow members. Texas Belles members host social and professional events throughout the fall and spring semesters. Social events are created by members for members (and their guests). Professional events that we host are organized and executed by members and include the presence of hospitality industry professionals. Both types of events give Texas Belles members the opportunity to plan an event from start to finish. 


Texas Belles is a great organization to join whether you are interested in becoming a corporate event planner, wedding planner, or simply the best party planner among all your friends.


“You are here at the University of Texas for only four years of your life, give or take a couple of years, but we want the experiences and memories acquired here to stay with you forever. Your character and being is dependent on the many experiences you encounter throughout your life and Texas Belles is committed to being a part of your development.”




Meet industry professionals, lifelong friends, and your future career path at our weekly meetings. Every Wednesday we've got an exciting meeting planned! Now to introduce our three meeting types...

1. Speaker

Our first meeting type is all about hearing from a guest speaker. Speakers speak on topics such as how to conquer every event, resume building and internship tips, how to manage your mental health, and other motivational topics. Past speakers include Cindy Lo from Red Velvet Events, Tori from Tori Leigh Stationary, and Jordan from Jordan Flowers.

2. Planning

Every event hosted by Belles is thoughtfully planned by the event's committee. At our planning meetings, any last details of an event are ironed out in preparation for the event. These meetings are open to all Belles and encourage collaboration among members.

3. Sisterhood

As excited as we are about event planning, we also enjoy getting to know our fellow Belles. In between planning memorable events and hearing from speakers, we like to share a laugh and perhaps even a few cookies. Examples of sisterhood meetings include canvas painting, planner sessions, game nights, sundae fun days, and potlucks.

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